Application & Availability

Application & Availability

Kavod Senior Living has two pricing structures, subsidized and non-subsidized (also called market rate).

Kavod Senior Living specializes in affordable senior housing. Most of our apartments are subsidized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In this program, rents are calculated based on an applicant’s total adjusted income. Rent includes electrical and water utilities.

Please find application and instructions below.

For subsidized apartments

Eligibility: To be eligible for residency at Kavod, the Head of Household must be at least 62 years of age or benefit from the features of accessible units designed specifically for mobility-impaired persons. Residents are generally eligible for a subsidy if their income is under about $40,000/yr. For more information about qualifications, please contact the leasing department at 303.399.1146.

Pricing: For those who qualify, rents in the subsidized apartments are approximately 1/3 of the resident’s monthly income (after eligible medical expenses are deducted) and includes electrical and water utilities. The calculations for rent are individually calculated for each resident and involve a number of factors.

Applicants may request a copy of income limits or check them online at the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development website

See for Income Limits Information

We suggest you speak with the Kavod Leasing Coordinator to get an estimate of what your rent will be.

For non-subsidized apartments

To be eligible for Kavod residences, your head of household must be at least 62 years of age or benefit from a mobility accessible unit. For more information about qualifications, please contact the leasing department at 720.382.7833.

For people whose incomes are above the subsidy income limits, market-rate apartment rentals range from $1,042-$1,120/month, depending on the unit.

Pricing for Other Services
  • Dining: Our mandatory dining program provides six meals per week (Sunday through Friday). The dinner program is currently $220/month. Limited subsidies may be available for eligible residents. Please speak with the Leasing Department for more information.
  • Activities: Many on-site activities are free for residents. For trips and off-site activities, there is usually a small transportation fee for the buses. Some of the bigger off-site activities also include fees for tickets or admission.
  • Services such as rehab, in-home assistance, laundry, and cleaning assistance are not included in rent.


For a current status update or inquiry, please call our Leasing Department at 720.382.7833.

To apply:

You may apply:
* in person at 22 South Adams Street, Denver, CO 80209
* by calling 303.399.1146 to request an application to be mailed
* by downloading the correct application below

Please mail or deliver completed application materials to:
Kavod Senior Life
Attn: Leasing Coordinator
22 South Adams Street
Denver, CO 80209

Applications received by Kavod’s Leasing Coordinator are reviewed for completion of all required information. If complete, the application is stamped with the date and time received. If any item is incomplete, the application will be returned with a request for additional information. Applications will be processed in the order they are received.

Download the Market Rate Application

Download the Subsidized Application

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