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A Resource list for Passover and Easter (And Beyond) From Rabbi Steve

Some Jewish Resources:

  • If you need a box of matzah or a Haggadah please let Rabbi Steve know. He may have extra.
  • Rabbi Birdie Becker is posting on Facebook, including a piece about saying Kaddish in isolation, a mini-Friday night service, and soon something for Passover.
  • Songs of Healing and Comfort: A Concert from Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin on YouTube
  • A letter from the former Chief Rabbi of Great Britain on the five dimensions of hope that will emerge from the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Passover Seder and all services will be live streamed from Temple Emanuel on Facebook.

Some Christian Resources:

  • This Friday and Sunday Rev. Dale (of The Mustard Seed Community at Kavod) will hold two brief services by phone conference as follows:
    • On Good Friday at 2:00 pm call: 1-877-230-3480, Guest Code;  2151
    • On Easter Sunday at 10:00 am call the same numbers!
    • For both calls, good idea to:
      • Dial in 5 minutes early
      • If you don’t want to hold the phone to your ear the whole time, figure out in advance how to use your “speaker phone” function.
      • If you can figure out in advance the “mute” function on your phone, it will make it easier for everyone else to hear when Rev. Dale is speaking.

  • PLEASE NOTE… These are just a few of the hundreds of religious organizations providing on-line services. If you have others you are connect with that is wonderful. This list is more for people looking for something they don’t already have.
  • Kavod Chaplaincy and Spiritual Services
    Email|  720.382.7836