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Assisted Living: Kavod’s Hidden Jewel

Nested in the first five floors of the West building, the Assisted Living apartments at Kavod Senior Life are a special place where individuals who need that extra level of care can find comfort, service and joy.

When talking to the staff who work in this division, they practically glow.

“I came here to work as a volunteer and fell in love with it,” says Syril Newman, the Assisted

Living scheduler. “Because we’re small, we get to know the residents personally.”

Centrally located in Cherry Creek, Kavod offers 26 apartments in Assisted Living (or A.L.) out of its total 397 apartments.

The staff longevity is a major part of what makes A.L. so special. According to A.L. Director Jennifer Grant, the average staff turnover in the industry in hovers around 25 to 35%. By contrast, there is very little turnover among Kavod’s employees, more like 7%. “I ensure our staff are properly trained and that we work as a team,” Jennifer says.

Other unique elements of Kavod’s A.L. are evident. All apartments are individual (vs. shared) units, and pricing for these units is all inclusive, which means no level-of-care pricing. “Being all inclusive allows us to do more without any hesitation,” says Jennifer.

A.L. residents are served three meals a day that are restaurant style, and everyone lives in the same area to allow for greater social interaction. In fact, Kavod’s Life Enrichment department sets up a targeted calendar of events just for Assisted Living.

“The amount of care and service we provide helps our residents maintain the highest level of independence possible and avoid nursing home care,” Jennifer shares. “You won’t find many facilities who will do all of this and still accept Medicaid.”

Kavod also provides a Care Coordinator (similar to a social worker) just for individuals in A.L. Emma Gift, the current A.L. Care Coordinator, helps find resources and help for any needs that arise. Additionally, Sara Diaz, Kavod’s Wellness Coordinator, makes sure medications are interpreted and administered properly. She also adds a little of her own kind of healing.

“Sometimes a piece of chocolate is all it takes to make our hurting residents feel better,” Sara smiles.

The residents in A.L. reflect the same joy as the staff. “It’s a wonderful place to live, it really is,” says Teresa, who has lived in the unit for about a year and a half. “If you ever need anything, the staff are right here to help.”

Sara agrees with Teresa. “For the staff here in A.L., it’s about giving while expecting nothing in return.”

The end result brings contentment for all involved. “I believe the residents really feel at home here,” says Sara. “I really do.”