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CU Medicine – Geriatric Medicine Opens Aug 3 at Kavod Senior Life

CU Medicine – Geriatric Medicine will begin providing medical services directly on site at Kavod Senior Life. This clinic is a unique offering among affordable housing facilities and represents a new type of partnership between medical providers and low-income facilities.

“We are thrilled to have CU Medicine come to our campus,” says Michael Klein, President and CEO. “We have envisioned this type of collaboration for a long time, so seeing it materialize is a dream come true.”

Three doctors who specialize in working with older individuals will staff the clinic: Dr. Kerry Hildreth, Dr. Jeff Wallace and Dr. Robert Schwartz, whose bios are linked below. Services will be offered a full day Monday and half days on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

“Having a new freestanding clinic for older adults and their families/caregivers at Kavod Senior Life will enable us to expand and bring our multidisciplinary and holistic approach to care to more older patients in the central Denver metropolitan area,” commented Dr. Schwartz, who is also a Goodstein Professor of Medicine/Geriatrics at University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Many Kavod residents struggle with age-related health challenges as well as barriers to care, such as appointment-making and transportation. Those who choose to use the medical services with the new clinic will now only need to take a ride on an elevator. Future goals include expanding the clinic hours and opening it to the greater community, once there is availability and restrictions lift from COVID-19 to allow non-essential visitors inside Kavod. The launch of the clinic is especially timely, since individuals living on campus do not have to risk further outside exposure in order to see a doctor.

CU Medicine – Geriatric Medicine Doctor Profiles: