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Kavod Welcomes Christy Martinez to Assisted Living!

After 14 years, Kavod’s Assisted Living program has a new Director, Christy Martinez. Christy joined the Assisted Living team in May of this year, and couldn’t be happier to be part of the community. We caught up with her recently to learn more about her background, perspective and goals. 

Christy is fairly new to Colorado, having moved here from her home town of Scott’s Bluff, Nebraska. She got her start in the industry back in her teens, washing dishes at a skilled nursing facility.

“I was able to observe how some of the staff treated the residents, and I wasn’t impressed,” Christy shares. “I knew I could do it better, which launched my interest and passion in caring for older citizens.”

Christy trained as a CNA and QMAP, which she did for many years. “I loved it!” she says. Soon, she moved to Assisted Living, where she found she could be more focused on residents.

She then pursued her education to focus on the management and operational side of the industry, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Since then, she has taken on leadership roles in senior facilities, acting in a variety of areas including manager, director and even as an executive director.

“I feel this is my calling, and I was lucky to find my calling fast,” Christy shares. “Some people aren’t as fortunate, but I feel this is where I need to be.” 

As far as coming to Kavod, Christy is thrilled with her new position. “The longevity of the staff at Kavod really struck me,” says Christy. “I also love being in such a diverse environment with people from all kinds of backgrounds. I enjoy hearing the different languages being spoken on campus!”

Christy looks forward to continuing the high-quality service and support in Assisted Living that Kavod has offered for many years, while continuing to innovate and move the department forward.

“It’s exciting to be able to make a difference,” Christy says. “Overall, my goal is to help people – whether it’s residents, staff or families – and help make their day.”