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Moving in 2021: Why Now Is The Best Time to Consider a Change

Okay, let’s be frank – who really likes to move? Anyone?

Not so much. Moving is rarely a favorite part of life at any age.

Most of us don’t like being uprooted, especially when it comes to our homes or places we live. We often are comfortable with our surroundings. We know our way around and know how things are organized in the closets and cupboards. We may know our neighbors and their pets’ walking routes and treat stops. And then there’s the packing and sorting – even the thought of facing our stuff can feel overwhelming!

However, despite these perceived hardships, sometimes having things stay the same are actually not in our best interest, especially as we age. Moreover, now that COVID-19 has disrupted our lives, things really are not the same. So – it might be the perfect time to think about a move.

What are some of the benefits?

One: Connection. Being advised to stay at home has taken its toll on our entire world. People of every age miss seeing their friends and family, receiving a hug, being able to catch a non-masked smile. For those 60 and older, this isolation can be especially damaging. Research – even prior to the pandemic – shows that older individuals who do not stay socially engaged can be more susceptible to physical and mental decline. So, if you are living alone, now might be a good time to consider getting a roommate or joining communal living. With vaccinations and safety precautions in place, the benefits to making new friends, having access to amenities and joining activities are greatly in your favor.

Two: Protection. While being at home allows you to monitor who comes in and out, things still can happen—pipes break, floors squeak, large appliances break down. You’re also on your own if crime or break-ins increase in your neighborhood. And whoever comes in your home may or may not have COVID-19 or be a person of integrity. In most communal living spaces, staff are on site, vetted and screened – you usually even know them by name. Outside visitors are also screened. At Kavod, we have 24-hour security and night managers who are here to assist with any emergency. Peace of mind is certainly a major reason to consider a move.

Three. Stimulation. A reporter recently told us that he calls television the “idiot box,” even though it’s the industry where he makes a living. While we all have our favorite shows, being in a community may expose you to new experiences that will help form new pathways in your brain to keep you more mentally active than only sitting in front of the TV. For instance, you can hear different music almost weekly at Kavod through our outdoor progressive concerts – brought right to your window! Our menus allow you to try different foods you may not cook for yourself. You can meet people from diverse backgrounds. Our chaplain is a rabbi who knows a little about every religion, and he is always up for a good chat. If Kavod isn’t the place for you, we still encourage you to consider the benefits of being mentally stimulated in a communal living situation.

Lastly, you should know that being part of a community provides value, because each individual has something to offer the greater whole. You are valuable for the gifts, experiences, stories and talents that you’ve earned over the years.

So – now that all of our lives have been disrupted by COVID-19, use this time of upheaval to so you “settle” back down in a place that provides connection, protection, stimulation and more.

To chat more or to learn about making your next move to Kavod, either in Independent or Assisted Living, ask for our Leasing department at 303.399.1146.