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“Saving Lives”: The Importance of Staying Connected and Active

Many of us know that having social connections is important to feel mentally healthy and develop a support system, but growing research indicates that engagement with others is imperative for older adults in preventing loneliness and associated health risks.

Market Watch summarizes a few recent studies in which age is the first factor associated with loneliness. Older Americans are, unfortunately, the loneliest.


Kavod Senior Life has taken this research seriously; the Kavod on the Road program was created to help older adults living on their own stay engaged and mentally active, forming new connections and reconnecting with others.

The program is working. Take the Kochs, for example. Though connected with family here in Denver, Kavod on the Road provided the path to which they could establish themselves in a new community and feel part of it.

Joyce & Harold Koch, Kavod on the Road participants

“We moved to Denver three years ago to be near our grandchildren and family,” says Harold Koch. “We wanted to meet people and see the sights of Colorado. Our first trip with

Kavod on the Road was a spooky tour of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. It was great fun. We have also gone to the Rockies and the Nuggets games with Kavod and all were

very positive experiences. We also have attended a breakfast sponsored by

Kavod. We hope to continue our experiences with this wonderful organization.”

The activities mentioned by Harold are very typical of the monthly offerings. Kavod offers 8-9 workshops at various locations that center on content that is educational, informational or entertaining. All programs are put on collaboratively with community partners, who help host and contribute ideas.

As part of Kavod on the Road, Kavod also leads an annual free conference on positive aging, attended by over 300 people each year. This one-day free resource – called L’Chaim2Life – includes a keynote speaker, three breakout sessions with 27 workshop choices and complimentary breakfast & lunch. In 2020, the event will be held on June 14 at Temple Emanuel.

While the growing attendance numbers are a great gauge of success, feedback from participants are the most important. One recent comment was especially meaningful; a retired doctor who attended one of the programs remarked, “You have no idea how many lives you are saving.”

Kavod welcomes community members to check out the monthly offerings and get involved. Additionally, all donations to Kavod in 2019 through the end of the year will help sustain and grow the Kavod on the Road program.

To learn more, donate or join an activity, follow these links.

Learn: https://www.kavodseniorlife.org/off-campus-outreach/oy-to-joy/

Donate: https://www.kavodseniorlife.org/ways-to-support/donate/

Join: https://www.kavodseniorlife.org/kavodontheroad/

Conference: https://www.kavodseniorlife.org/lchaim2life/

We look forward to meeting you!