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Why I Got The Vaccine: CEO, Michael Klein’s personal story

Last week I received the first dose of the vaccine and I wanted to share why I did.

We are fortunate that both CVS and Walgreens are bringing clinics for our residents and staff here on campus at Kavod. Staff are the ones who interact closely with residents so it is very important that they – we – be part of this opportunity.

Of course, I was a little nervous. The development of the vaccine happened very quickly and we don’t have a large database on its long term success in proving it will prevent one from being infected by COVID-19.

On the other hand, I am well into my sixth decade of life and know the odds are not very favorable if I were to catch coronavirus.

As a front line worker, I am also committed to coming on campus every day and as long as I am interacting with staff and residents, I want to do everything I can do to keep those I interact with safe (as well as myself).

Additionally, I became a grandfather a little over a year ago and I want to be able to be around to enjoy my granddaughter and hopefully hold her again.

Lastly, I hate going to the doctor’s office to get any kind of shot or procedure. A good friend of mine did get COVID several months ago and spent two months in the hospital. I don’t want to go through what he did.

So, that is why I got my vaccine. Being vaccinated is voluntary and each of us is free to make a decision based on what you believe is right for you. The CDC has some information you can review about its effectiveness. You should also talk with your personal care provider to discuss any medical issues and seek their advice.

We are all trying to figure out how to keep ourselves and those we love safe.  I just wanted to share my thoughts as to why I made my decision to get the vaccine.

Whether you move forward or not, just another reminder, keep washing your hands, wear your mask and keep the appropriate social distance.

Please stay safe.