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The New Emergency: Mental Health Decline in Older Adults

“Good mental health is critical to the functioning of society at the best of times. It must be front and center of every country’s response to and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.” United Nations Policy Brief, p. 2, May 2020 The implementation of physical distancing has been one major preventative… Read More »

Kavod Food & Hygiene Pantry – A Successful Support System

COVID-19 cases are on the rise nationwide. As a result, Kavod Senior Life continues to implement protocols as required to keep everyone on our campus as safe as possible. Helping Our Residents First, through our on-site food and hygiene pantry, we have provided food boxes directly to resident apartments. Deliveries… Read More »

How to Approach Creative Programming for Older Adults

Almost everyone can relate to the internal “boost” of pride or satisfaction we feel when we create something we are proud of. This feeling is supported by studies that show how creative expression, especially as an older adult, improves overall physical and emotional well-being. With this improvement in mind, organizations… Read More »