Honor. Community. Jewish Values.

Bringing generations together allows for  learning, understanding and making connections. Kavod works with the following organizations:

LinkAGES Colorado: As a collaborative partner of LinkAGES Colorado, Kavod partners with:

  • The East High School Jewish Student Connection to bring students and residents together through food related programming such as, rugelach baking and sukkot decorating.
  • The University of Denver for students and resident to connect through photographs. Led and conceptualized by DU Associate Professor Roddy MacInnes, the exhibit captures the stories of both residents and students through sharing one photograph that means the most to each. Connection and bonds quickly formed as they shared stories which were personal, touching, insightful, enlightening and sometimes painful. These shared life experiences broadened their understanding of humanity, fostered empathy and compassion and created new memories that will last a lifetime.

LinkAGES Colorado is a larger collaboration of organizations funded by the Strear Family Foundation to promote intergenerational connectivity.

School Connections:

  • Hillel Academy:
    • The Adopt-a- Grandma program partners middle and high school girls with our “Grandma” residents to play board games or learn a skill at Kavod. 
  • Regis University:
    • Kavod is a designated service learning site for pharmacy, nursing, and/or counseling students. Students and residents engage in a variety of programs that foster discussion, education, empathy and compassion.