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Session 1 | 10:00 to 10:50 am

  • 1. Chair Yoga for Body and Mind

    Heather Meloy, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist & Acupuncturist

    Learn how to practice yoga in a safe and creative way, both seated and standing. Exercises include joint freeing, six movements of the spine, strengthening, yoga postures, mindful breathing techniques and visualizations.

  • 2. The Challenges of Aging Solo

    Jane Barton, Cardinal, LLC

    A factor in aging well is having a reliable social support system (family and friends). Learn to proactively reinforce and expand your social network to avoid the negative consequences of aging solo.

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    3. OY! IMPROV™ – Explore, Enjoy and Engage with Cherie Karo Schwartz, Storyteller & Pamela Roth O’Mara, Author & Artist

    Lighten up your day and play. Through imagination, dialogue, movement and improvisation, explore Jewish cultural, historical, and religious themes, including Bible (Torah), holidays, life cycles and traditions of world Jewry.

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    4. Smart Aging – Understand Your Health with Cody Bryan, Rose Medical Center Emergency Services

    Join this interactive presentation on cardiac health, delivered by a Rose Medical Center cardiologist and an emergency room physician.

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    5. Cyber Security with Joanie Bailey, TechOtter

    Staying safe online is essential in today’s world. Simple practices can help keep your identity and devices protected. Learn safety tips for e-mail and online searching, how to create safe passwords, how to identify and avoid cyber-scams and security software & updates.

  • 6. Make Friends with Reality

    Mandie Birchem, Kavod Senior Life

    Watch an engaging TED Talk from comedian Emily Levine about mortality, the cycles of life and quantum physics, with a follow-up discussion about social and communal connection.

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    7. How to Become and Stay FREED from Stuck! with Susie Hayes, Psychotherapist, Life & Business Coach

    No matter how much wisdom or experience we gain, life still brings us challenges and opportunities to grow and change. Learn five steps to become and stay “FREED from Stuck,” whether it be relational, physical, romantic, spiritual, financial or emotional.

  • 8. Make the Most of Your Life and Death

    Jamie Sarche, Feldman Mortuary

    Most of us avoid thinking or talking about death — it’s morbid, taboo, in bad taste. In this experiential workshop, discover what makes each of our lives worth living and learn how to plan ahead,
    so our loved ones receive the healthiest bereavement possible.

Session 2 | 11:00 to 11:50 am

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    9. The Soul of Aging with Rabbi Stephen Booth Nadav, Kavod Senior Life

    “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art” (Eleanor Roosevelt). Bring your creative and contemplative souls and engage in this sacred “art” of living, of re-creating our lives, with poetry, writing, ritual and deep listening.

  • 10. How to Prevent Falls

    Tyson Oberndorfer, MD, Marie Andrews & Jessica Elliott, UCHealth Fall Prevention Clinic

    Have you fallen? Do you feel unsteady? Are you afraid of falling? Learn what increases your risk of falling and effective ways to reduce your chances of a fall. Review changes you can make in your home to make it safer and learn basic exercises to improve your balance.

  • 11. The Colorado End of Life Options Act

    Sam DeWitt, Compassion & Choices

    The Colorado End of Life Options Act was passed with bipartisan voter support in 2016. What happens now? Understand the law and a patient’s right to have their desires respected at the end of life.

  • 12. Age with Independence

    Eve Lowinger, Jewish Family Service of Colorado

    Stay independent and in your home. Discuss community based resources, long term care planning, financial guidance, legal assistance, health and wellness and in home safety assessments.

  • 13. How to Spot Fake News

    Ross Mays, Denver Public Library

    Learn how to spot fake news stories on the internet, as well as other forms of online misinformation, such as misleading memes, false rumors, clickbait and online bots and trolls.

  • 14. Vaccine Update: What Do I Need, When Do I Need It and Do I REALLY Need It?

    Kerry Hildreth, MD, University of Colorado School of Medicine

    Get up to date on current vaccine recommendations for older adults, including how vaccines work, what vaccines are needed and when, and the reasons for and concerns around immunization.

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    15. The Afterlife: What Are We Waiting For? with Rabbi Raphael Leban, The Jewish Experience

    Join a frank discussion about the afterlife and the World to Come, based on the Bible (Torah), theology (the Talmud) and modern authorities.

  • 16. YOUR Encore Life: Some Assembly Required

    Lynette Reiling, Boomers Leading Change

    Longevity has provided the potential for a wonderful gift: second growth. This represents a new option called “Encore Life”…a second harvest of creative potential in work, play, relationships and caring. Learn the five tools necessary for building your Encore Life.

Session 3 | 1:40 to 2:40 pm

  • 17. Spirituality in Our Later Years | Interactive Panel Moderated by Rabbi Dayle Friedman, Growing Older

    With Rabbi Bernard Gerson, Anthem, Former Rabbi at Congregation Rodef Shalom, Rabbi Evette Lutman, B’nai Havurah & Rabbi Anat Moskowitz, B’nai Torah

    What is spirituality? What are some of the opportunities and priorities for spirituality in our later years? Join this panel discussion with personal insights and perspectives from local rabbis to discover how spirituality can be significant in our lives.

  • NOTE: Registration for this class is closed

    18. How to Relieve and Prevent Chronic Pain with Catherine Dockery, Center for Conscious Aging & Kevin White, Full Circle Fitness

    motivational strategies, stages of posture decline, correct alignment when exercising, simple daily exercises and how to improve conditions such as osteoporosis, stenosis, sciatic nerve pain and bursitis.

  • 19. LISTEN! Life is Calling

    Jane Barton, Cardinal, LLC

    Every moment is an opportunity to contribute to life in meaning-FULL ways. Remember that the world awaits what only we have to offer as unique individuals. In return, our lives are enriched beyond measure, whether we have 20 years or 20 minutes remaining.

  • 20. Living in Community

    Emma Gift, Kavod Senior Life

    Communal living can offer opportunities for improved quality of life, including support, mental stimulation, physical well-being and security. Learn about long-term care options, including assisted living, independent living and skilled nursing care.

  • NOTE: Registration for this class is closed

    21. Are You Wearing Your Mask or Is Your Mask Wearing You? with David Sanders, PsyD, Kabbalah Experience

    As we age, we drop many of the masks we wore in younger days. We may also hold on even tighter to some masks and accumulate some new ones. Through crafting a mask, explore what are the external and internal aspects of you, the masks you wear and your essence.

  • 22. Transportation for Independence and Connectivity

    Carol Buchanan & Susan Unger, Denver Regional Mobility & Access Council

    Explore transportation options available to help you travel independently and stay connected to the places that keep you healthy and active. Find out about rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, taxi cabs, CDOT’s statewide Bustang service, public transportation and nonprofit options.

  • 23. Money Matters in Medicare

    Patricia Cook, Colorado Gerontological Society

    Money is an important part of aging and retirement. Understand the financial issues with Medicare and options to stretch your dollars in 2019 for maximum impact.

  • 24. Assist a Loved One with Diminished Capacity: Legal, Financial and Medical Solutions

    Sarah L. Golombek, JD, Elder Law Attorney & Debbie Reinberg, ELDEResources, LLC

    Learn estate planning protections, such as powers of attorney, psychological capacity evaluations, guardianship/conservatorships, the use of care managers, daily money managers and professional guardians, conservators & trustees.

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