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Kavod on the Road publishes from Oy to Joy monthly that includes events, programs, lectures and music that is hosted by our community partners (listed below).

On-Going Weekly Offerings

  • This Week in Torah with Rabbi Rick Rheins | Tuesdays at 12:00 pm

    This Week in Torah with Rabbi Rick Rheins, Temple Sinai

    We invite you to join us via Zoom at noon for an engaging look at the week’s Torah portion (Parashat HaShavua) with Rabbi Rick Rheins. The review classic and modern commentary and add our own thoughts for a dynamic discussion!

    Contact Lauren Bubis for Zoom information

  • Thought of the Week with Rabbi Jordy Callman | Wednesdays at 12:00 pm

    Temple Sinai invites you to tune in on Zoom or Facebook Live for a Thought for the Week at noon for a brief and profound insight shared by Rabbi Jordy Callman. Listen in as Rabbi Callman infuses ancient and modern wisdom, Jewish and secular music, deep and relatable concepts into a mid-week boost of inspiration.

    Watch the live stream online: https://www.sinaidenver.org/livestreaming or https://www.facebook.com/SinaiDenver


  • Lunch & Learn with Temple Sinai Rabbi | Thursdsays at 12:00 pm

    Temple Sinai invites you to join us on Zoom for a Lunch & Lean. During Lunch & Learn we have been exploring important social, ethical and moral issues by reviewing relevant responsa from Reform Judaism and other branches of Judaism.

    Contact Lauren Bubis for Zoom information

  • Weekly Virtual Poker | Every Thursday Evening at 7:00 pm

    Hosted by the JCC Denver.
    Click here for information & sign up

  • Song Session with Dan Yolles | Thursdays at 4:00 pm

    Join Temple Sinai and Dan Yolles as he leads us in an interactive session of Jewish music and song. Dan uses the healing and uplifting power of music to bring warmth, connection, and joy into the afternoon hours at the end of our weeks. All are welcome to participate, sing, play along, or listen in Dan’s weekly Song Circle.

    Watch the live stream online:  https://www.sinaidenver.org/livestreaming or https://www.facebook.com/SinaiDenver

  • Conversational Yiddish Class | Every Friday at 3:00 pm

    Hosted by Kavod Senior Life.

    Enjoy a fun afternoon of Yiddish conversation! Brush up on your Yiddish and connect with others.

    Click here to join via Zoom. Or you can join by phone: dial 669.990.6833.

    For February:  Meeting ID: 930 7280 8675 | Passcode: 11821

    For March:  Meeting ID: 824 9488 9834 | Passcode: 735828

Upcoming from Oy to Joy Programs

  • Marvelous Musical Men: Shlomo Artzi | Thursday, February 18 at 7:00 pm

    Presented by The Colorado Hebrew Chorale

    This is part of the Marvelous Musical Mne series hosted by Leah Peer. Learn about some of the marvelous male singers of Israel and the magnificent music they made. In addition to fascinating biographical information, each session will include teaching of sections of the songs, enabling participants to sing along with the YouTube videos played as part of the presentation.

    Click here for information & registration

  • An Evening of Klezmer Violin and Accordion | Saturday, February 20 at 6:30 pm

    Presented by B’nai Havurah

    Featuring internationally renowned klezmer musicians Cookie Segelstein and Joshua Horowitz, and Zoe Aqua and Ira Temple.  Sponsored by the CBG Family Fund.

    Click here for information and registration

  • Researching A Whole Jewish Community to Better Research Your Ancestors | Sunday, February 21 from 10 am to 12 pm

    Presented by Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado; Led by Deborah Glassman

    Doing everything right in genealogy – using all of the records, tracing all siblings, working from known to unknown – still has one major limitation. You don’t know which other people, not in your known family, will have records naming your family. When I started tracing all Jews from a shared heritage community, I found people who, when listing their destination parties or those left behind in the old country, named my relatives! I also found my ancestors named as beneficiaries to wills of childless relatives and as cousins in Russian Revision Lists. This is the very essence of genealogy. Getting more records to tell you more details on your family. Deborah Glassman will show you how to do this on your own as well as part of a collaborative effort to gather all records on a Jewish community.

    No charge. Join at 9:30 am for A Schmear, A Schmooze & Share

    Click here to register


  • L’Chaim! A Taste of Jewish Music from – Kazablan | Monday, February 22 from 7:30 pm

    Presented by The Colorado Hebrew Chorale

    Dr. Seth Ward will present an in-depth examination of the music of Kazablan, the musical that made Gaon an international star. This session will include music by Kazablan composer Dov Seltzer, and accompanied by Kazablan-inspired food and drink.

    Click here to register and join

  • The Music of Mardi Gras (and other good times!) | Friday, February 26 at 1:00 pm

    Presented by Kavod Senior Life & Active Minds

    Fun is the name of the game whenever crowds gather to make whoopee in city streets. Mardi Gras is a time for partying with joyful melodies. In this Active Minds program, we’ll visit New Orleans, and other cities around the world where festivals, fairs and holidays inspire colorful music for hordes of happy folks.

    Click here to join the program
    Meeting ID: 878 7921 7329
    Passcode: 545111

    Or call in (audio only)
    –Dial 720.707.2699
    –Enter meeting id: 878 7921 7329#
    –Use passcode: 545111

  • Hadassah Denver Chapter Presents: How to Be Happy | Wednesday, March 3 at 7:00 pm

    We all have the ability to be happy, but sometimes it is hard to believe it. Especially today. Chaya’s love of Judaism enables her to take a proactive approach to life emphasizing vitality and mental well-being. In this presentation, she will share the way to experience less stress and more joy, enabling us to be the best we can be — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her down-to-earth and authentic approach makes her easy to relate to, and a joy to hear. Chaya Parkoff, LCSW has spent her entire adult life teaching and inspiring adults. She runs her own firm, First Class Aging Counseling & Consulting, is a part time Medical Social Worker with Elevation Hospice and is a Senior Educator for The Jewish Experience where she teaches a class on the Jewish formula for emotional wellbeing. Chaya has been married to her husband Seth for almost 30 years and they have 5 children ranging in ages 15-26. Chaya is a Lifetime Member of Hadassah as are her 4 daughters.

    $15 early bird (register by Feb 15th), $18 after the 15th, $22 for non Hadassah members

    Register here.

  • Sinai Sundays – Stories from the Talmud with Rabbi Rick Rheins | Sundays, March 7 & 21 at 9:30 am

    The 10 sessions of the this year’s Sinai Sunday’s class focuess on some of the most important stories in the Babylonian Talmud known as Aggadot. The Aggadot are classic and beloved narrative passages in the Talmud that have taught, entertained, and challenged generations. Each week, we will read and discuss different stories along with selections of traditional commentary. It does not matter if you already have a familiarity with Talmudic text or are exploring it for the the first time. Everyone will find this class an exciting and inspiring experience.

    We will not be charging for this year’s sessions but donations are welcome to the Osi & Selma Sladek Cultural / Music Fund to help off-set future classes.

  • Kabbalah Experience and Feldman Mortuary present: Palliative | Sunday, March 7 from 4:00 to 5:30 pm

    Please join Jamie Sarche of Feldman Mortuary, Melanie Gruenwald of Kabbalah Experience, and Dr. Tremonti for a screening and discussion of the award-winning documentary, PALLIATIVE, as we strive to remove the stigma of talking about death and allowing people to die.

    PALLIATIVE is a documentary short exploring the conversations during end-of-life care with pediatric Palliative care specialist Dr. Nadia Tremonti. Palliative highlights the caretakers and families working with Dr. Tremonti.

    Filmed in Detroit at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan over several years ‘Palliative’ aims to draw attention to a vital area of care struggling to overcome the stigmas of death and dying.

    RSVP here.

  • From Tin Pan Alley Cats to the Great White Way – Jewish Composers of the American Musical | Sunday, March 7 at 7:30 pm

    Join presenter Miryam Raizen for a fascinating new series exploring the contributions of Jewish composers throughout the history of the Great American Musical.

    Click Here to Register

    Jewish composers have had a profound impact on Broadway since the earliest days of the American Musical. In this series we will examine the earliest roots of musical theatre and the composers of Tin Pan Alley, and the continued importance Jewish composers have had on the art form, from the days of “Show Boat” all the way to “Come From Away”.

    Presenter Miryam (Mimi) Raizen has had a passionate interest in musicals since her days at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin. She earned a degree at Metropolitan State University of Denver in Theatre, with a minor in History.

    Mimi has performed, written and directed a number theatrical projects over the years from Denver all the way to Jerusalem. Some of this work includes co-writing Purim shpiels with Michal Peer, working on Drama Staff at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, and performing with the Englewood Summer Drama program.

    Most recently Mimi was seen taking part in the Quarantine Cabaret at the Community College of Aurora. While having in interest in history overall, Mimi has a strong passion for the history of Broadway and musical theater and is excited to be sharing her passion.

    Information: Carol 303-355-0232 or Leah 904-521-7061

  • Lifelong Jewish Learning – Black and Jewish? | Wednesday, March 10 at 6:30 pm

    Lifelong Jewish Learning – Black and Jewish? A panel of Temple Sinai Congregants – Sam Howard, DeAngelo Smith, and Dawn Kessler Nakamura

    Watch the live stream online:

    https://www.sinaidenver.org/livestreaming or https://www.facebook.com/SinaiDenver

  • Kavod Senior Life & Active Minds Present: Magellan | Friday, March 12 at 1:00 pm

    Ferdinand Magellan was one of the most significant explorers of all time. Five hundred years ago, his three-year voyage (which he did not survive) was the first successful circumnavigation of the globe.  What ensued was the expansion of European exploration and colonization of Asia, Africa and the Americas: the so-called Age of Discovery. Magellan’s life represents a fascinating case study of this pivotal moment in world history. Join Active Minds as we discuss the historical context, life, and legacy of one of the most influential navigators ever.

    Click here to join the program
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    Or call in (audio only)
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  • Sing Out for SafeHouse | Sunday, March 14 at 4:00 pm

    Sing Out for SafeHouse: A Free Virtual Event.  This is a livestream concert moderated by Kol Nashim Founder and Music Director Leah Peer, and SafeHouse representative Heather Schreck. The uplifting performance focuses on healing and empowerment, featuring five area choirs. Kol Nashim will be presenting the World Premiere of Baruch She’asani Isha (Blessed Who Made Me a Woman) by Nili Abrahamsson, text by Esther Raab. Kol Nashim will be joined by the Colorado Hebrew Chorale, Denver Women’s Chorus, Denver Chorale and Denver Children’s Choir’s “Fourteeners.” Donations will benefit SafeHouse Denver, the only agency in the City and County of Denver that provides a full scope of services for survivors of domestic violence, and will be matched by an anonymous donor. The program is supported by SCFD and the Rose Community Foundation.

    Click here to join.

    Information: Carol 303-355-0232 or Leah 904-521-7061

  • Virtual Meditation and Nigun Circle | Wednesday, March 17 at 7:30 pm

    Join Dan Yolles as he offers a virtual meditation and nigun circle! This experience is for those seeking to participate in guided meditation, elevate their kavanah and personal strength, and dig deeper into the practice of chanting nigunim.

    We hope you can join Dan for this wonderful chance to connect with yourself, the community and the Divine through meditation and nigunim. Please contact Dan Yolles at  if you have any questions.

    Watch the live stream online:

    https://www.sinaidenver.org/livestreaming or https://www.facebook.com/SinaiDenver

  • The Colorado Hebrew Chorale presents: L’Chaim! A Taste of Jewish Music from – Argentina! | Monday March 22 at 7:30 pm

    Featuring Cantor Sheila Nesis, formerly of Temple Sinai and now of Portland, Maine. Cantor Nesis will share her  expertise about Argentina and its Jewish music scene. This session will include some liturgical pieces by Jewish Argentinian composers, and Passover melodies sung in Ladino that are common to the Argentine Jewish community. A native of Buenos Aires and educated in both Buenos Aires and New York City, Cantor Nesis is equally at home on the bimah and on the night club stage as a singer/songwriter. Since relocating from Denver to Portland in 2019, Cantor Nesis has been working with the Jewish community in Portland, including the JCA and Congregation Bet Ha’am, as well as the wider Jewish Community in central Maine, specifically through The Center for Small Town Jewish Learning.  Cantor Nesis has also written for publications such as Kveller and The Times of Israel on the topics of prayer, music, motherhood and loss.  Sponsorship of L’Chaim is by the friends and supporters of the Colorado Hebrew Chorale, SCFD (the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District), CCI (Colorado Creative Industries), and the Union Pacific Foundation.

    Click here to register.

    Information: Carol 303-355-0232 or Leah 904-521-7061

  • Lifelong Jewish Learning – David Sanders: Do Jews Believe in Reincarnation? | Wednesday, March 24 at 6:30 pm

    Lifelong Jewish Learning – David Sanders: Do Jews Believe in Reincarnation?

    Watch the live stream online:

    https://www.sinaidenver.org/livestreaming or https://www.facebook.com/SinaiDenver

  • Kavod Senior Life & Active Minds Present: Musical Impressions | Friday, March 26 at 1:00 pm

    It all began with a painting of a harbor scene in 1874 that Claude Monet modestly named “Impression: Sunrise.” The critics mocked him, the painting and its title, using the term as a sneering put-down. No one, it seems, liked the description “impressionist” — but it became synonymous with an artistic era that has never worn out its welcome. Debussy hated the name, though his music, and that of fellow composer Maurice Ravel, perfectly captured the dreamy world of French Impressionism. In this Active Minds program, we’ll sample some of the turn-of-the-century sounds that boldly broke nearly every rule in the book.

    Click here to join the program
    Meeting ID: 878 7921 7329
    Passcode: 545111

    Or call in (audio only)
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    –Enter meeting id: 878 7921 7329#
    –Use passcode: 545111

  • Temple Sinai Book Club – The Third Daughter by Talia Carner | Wednesday, March 31 at 11:00 am

    Book Club – this month’s selection is The Third Daughter by Talia Carner

    Watch the live stream online:

    https://www.sinaidenver.org/livestreaming or https://www.facebook.com/SinaiDenver

  • Health Happiness Hadassah | Wednesday, April 7 at 6:30 pm

    Hosted by Denver Hadassah

    Studies show that people spend 55% or more of their waking hours seated. People who sit more than six hours a day are 48%-94% likelier to die sooner than their counterparts who sit less than three hours a day. The simple solution? Micromovement. Micromovement incorporates simple, gentle, small ranges of motion you do for a minute at a time throughout the day (especially good for aging or sedentary bodies). Learn to partner with your body to boost vitality, increase immunity, and nurture yourself from the inside out. This is an exciting and realistic approach to help care for your body so you can live a happy, energized, and vibrant life.

    Dr. Juli Kramer currently teaches a wide variety of classes on healing your mind, body, and spirit, enabling you on your journey to a healthier and happier life.

    Register here.
    $15 Early Bird (register by March 1st), $18 after March 1st, $22 for non-Hadassah members

    Please register for this program and consider adding a donation to your registration fee to support our wonderful Hadassah medical and youth services. Those additional funds will be tax deductible. They will go to fund our Doctor On-Call Suite at Hadassah Ein Kerem.

  • The COVID-19 Weight Gain | Monday, June 7 at 6:30 pm

    Hosted by Denver Hadassah.

    Remember the Freshman 15 (the 15 pounds many freshman gain when they go to college)? The new worry in today’s world is The Covid-19, the 19 pounds many people seem to have gained
    from being at home more and not getting out.

    Whether you gained weight or didn’t, take this opportunity to learn how to snack and fuel your body during these unique times. We’ll talk about how to stock your pantry and together we’ll prepare tasty, flavorful, simple and healthy snacks (yes, there will be chocolate).

    We are very happy to welcome back Chef Marci Levine who led a very well received talk and demo for Annual Donors.

    $15 Early Bird (register by May 10th), $18 after May 10th, $22 for non Hadassah members

    Register here.