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Kavod Food & Hygiene Pantry – A Successful Support System

COVID-19 cases are on the rise nationwide. As a result, Kavod Senior Life continues to implement protocols as required to keep everyone on our campus as safe as possible.

Helping Our Residents

First, through our on-site food and hygiene pantry, we have provided food boxes directly to resident apartments. Deliveries have been made twice per month since March 2020. All together there is nearly 250 apartments on our list. We’ve completed about 4,000 individual deliveries to date!

Secondly, Kavod successfully has been awarded at least five public and private grants to help support the pantry. Equally important the funds have helped fill the pantry and has allowed residents to stay at home. As we know, fewer public outings lowers the risk COVID-19 exposure.

These grantors include:

–Rose Community Foundation
–Help CO Now Fund
–CO Food Pantry Grant
–DPHE Denver Emergency Food Relief (Round 1)
–DPHE Denver Emergency Relief (Round 2)
–CO COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund via Blueprint

The funding sources have directly benefits residents by:

–Providing 17,625 pounds of food for the pantry (fresh produce and nonperishable items)
–Reaching all residents who have requested pantry items = 75% of Kavod’s population!
–Paying for staff time for coordination and deliveries
–Subsidizing grocery delivery fees
–Reducing meal program costs

According to Mandie Birchem, Kavod’s Director of Health and Wellness, residents have been extremely grateful for these provisions.

One resident told us the ‘surprise snack’ we include in our food boxes is something she looks forward to. It brightens her mood and improves her mental health.”

Even more community individuals and organizations have donated to the pantry than can be listed here. One to note is Ekar Farms, who provided thousands of pounds of fresh produce during the summer.

Kavod continues to seek funding and donations to ensure residents have access to nutritious food while they stay at home – and stay safe – as much as possible.