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(Western) Prayer Wall at Kavod Senior Life

There is an ancient tradition of bringing personal prayers written on little pieces of folded up paper and placing them in the cracks between the stones of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. People bring their personal heartfelt prayers for themselves, their families, communities and world.

It is also a tradition to offer personal prayers as part of the spiritual process of preparation for the High Holy Day season, also known as the Days of Awe, or the Ten Days of Atonement/At-one-ment.

At this time in our world there is so much need for prayer and a lifting up of hope and possibility, joy and even humor.

We have invited our residents and staff to write a wish or a prayer on a sticky note to add to our Kavod (Western) Prayer Wall, which is on a large rolling blackboard on the bridge.

For those who need an inspiration we have suggested the following subjects:

  • Hopes for the New Year, or things you look forward to when this pandemic is over.
  • “Silver linings” you have noticed even in these challenging times.
  • What you miss the most.
  • Wishes or Prayers for your self, family, community, world.
  • Apologies/Amends you wish to make (anonymously)
  • New Year’s Resolutions to get yourself back in line with your highest mission.

Kavod hopes that the Wall will help inspire all of us as we travel into the Jewish New Year 5781.