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The next edition of from Oy to Joy will be merged with Kavod on the Road flyer as one comprehensive mailer. This publication will have eight pages of expanded information about both Kavod on the Road and your events.

You will now be able to include a short summary about your programs/activities! Please include a 40 to 50 word or 3 sentence description of your event. You can also upload image or flyer. Kavod editors may modify your copy and/or use images as space allows.

We hope the new format will create more interest in your programs for our 2,500 subscribers. It will also help us streamline the production and save on expenses that will be used to offset the Kavod on the Road program. If you have any questions please contact Jody Alweis at 720.382.7814 or send an email.

Please note, you can add more events by clicking on the + to the right of the “40 to 50 Word Summary” field.

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