Intergenerational Programs

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Intergenerational Programs

Our intergenerational programs reveal the power of connection, fostering improved mental wellness and opportunities for understanding, appreciation, and relationship-building between residents and students/young adults. Research shows significant benefits for both generations, creating a harmonious and enriching environment for all involved.

Music and Memory

Music serves as a tool to unlock memories and bring joy to our residents. Paired with student volunteers, they listen to music, discuss its significance and share personal stories.

Additionally, they create music together using everyday objects, such as buckets and dowels.

Opening Minds Through Art (OMA)

OMA, an international program, utilizes art to enhance autonomy and creativity in the lives of our residents, fostering intergenerational relationships. Student volunteers engage in one-on-one sessions each week with the same partner, collaborating on pre-planned abstract art projects. No art experience is necessary for volunteers; the emphasis is on building relationships, requiring patience, a non-judgmental attitude, and a relational approach.

LinkAGES Colorado

Kavod proudly participates in LinkAGES Colorado, a collaborative effort of organizations dedicated to promoting intergenerational connectivity.