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Leadership at Kavod

Whether on staff or serving on a board, our leaders are invested in Kavod’s sustainability and future growth, striving to provide housing and support for older adults both now and in years to come.

We are committed to delivering quality care and service to our residents and community members, ensuring a nurturing and devoted environment for all.

Executive Officers
  • Michael Klein, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • John McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer
  • Christine Dewhurst, Chief People Officer
Board of Directors
  • Molly Zwerdlinger, Chairperson
  • Joey Simon, Treasurer
  • Ellen Abrams
  • Brian Botnick
  • Joe Dubroff
  • Scott Fisher
  • Rob Friedman
  • Alan Reifler
  • Jamie Sarche
  • Connell Saltzman, Member at Large
  • Gary Saltzman
  • Jan Schorr
  • Debra Schuster
  • Yolanda Webb
  • Essey Yirdaw
Housing & Services Board
  • Michael Cohen, Chairperson
  • Fran Stern, Secretary
  • Joan Beldock
  • Debbie Reinberg
  • Sharon Roth
Foundation Board
  • Perry Moss, Chairperson
  • Jay Mactas, Secretary
  • Brian Recht
  • Alan Reifler
  • Jan Schorr
  • Joey Simon
  • Kevin Shuller
  • Yolanda Webb
  • Molly Zwerdlinger