“Let’s Meet for Coffee” – Now You Can!

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Whether 18 or 98, “let’s meet for coffee” is a common way individuals invite each other to gather. It has become a key part of American culture, since the time frame can be loose (no waiters or mealtimes to observe), the environment casual and the cost low. Plus –the actual drinking of coffee is optional. Most meeting places serve tea, hot chocolate and other non-coffee alternatives.

Unfortunately, for older adults challenged with transportation or severe mobility issues, “meeting for coffee” isn’t always so easy. If it’s too hard to drive, arrange a ride or access public options, some people – especially older adults – may choose isolation over connecting with others.

With so many studies showing the potential negative health effects of social isolation, it is important for individuals, especially those over 50, to find ways to get out, if possible. One such study published in the Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences found that “older adults who interact with people beyond their usual social circle of family and close friends were more likely to have higher levels of physical activity, greater positive moods and fewer negative feelings.” The researchers suggest that leaving the house or apartment to engage with people leads to being more active.

Kavod Senior Life has created a wonderful solution to this issue is by creating a Bistro in its main building. The Bistro is open Monday through Friday, 9:30 – 11:30am. Residents can simply take the elevator down from their apartment and gather with a neighbor, family member or friend without leaving the campus.

The Bistro menu includes a variety of beverages (hot and cold), as well as pastries, fresh fruit and other snacks. Lunch items are forthcoming, and everything on the menu is affordable ($1.00 – $2.50). Non-residents are also welcome to stop by and enjoy the space on their own.

With this wonderful amenity on campus, residents have a safe, friendly and accessible place to “meet for coffee”, stay socially active and enjoy their best life living at Kavod.

For more information on the Bistro, visit https://www.kavodseniorlife.org/amenities/  (hyperlink).

For more information about living at Kavod for either a Senior Living or Assisted Living apartment, contact Melanie Kaye, Leasing Coordinator at 720-382-7833 or MKaye@KavodSeniorLife.org (hyperlink)

Reference: https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/broader-social-interaction-keeps-older-adults-more-active