Assisted Living Referral

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$500 Referral Bonus if you recommend someone to Kavod Assisted Living.

Thank you for referring someone to Assisted Living at Kavod Senior Life for private pay apartment. You are eligible for the bonus after the referral moves in. 

Here's the details:

  1. You are responsible for making the initial inquiry to Kavod Senior Life for the potential applicant.
    • Referrals include any situation where you introduce a potential applicant to Assisted Living and generate interest. The applicant did not initiate contact with Kavod.
  2. Kavod must have written documentation of this referral. A referral form (see below) will be required with complete information on the potential resident including the source of the referral, date and individual responsible, as well as the nature of the lead.
  3. The applicant must have knowledge of your referral and agree to be contacted by Kavod Senior Life.
    • Kavod will get in touch with the person you referred and follow all standard processes and procedures for potential move ins regarding eligibility, finances, etc.
    • Once the referred individual is approved, signs a lease and moves into a market rate Assisted Living unit, Kavod will issue a check for $500 to you (the referral source).
  4. The Leasing Coordinator will verify the referral once the lease has been signed and the CFO will approve. The CFO will have final approval for all payouts.
    • It is possible the gift may be split if more than one person refers a future resident. This decision will be made by the CFO and CEO on a case-by-case basis.

Please fill out the following form to start the process.