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Lost Synagogues of Denver with Phil Goodstein
August 11 | 11:00 am | Zoom Link

Continuity and change have been part of Denver Jewry since its beginnings at the time of the Pikes Peak Gold Rush.

A sign of permanence came in 1873-74 with the moves to create a congregation. Since then, the Jewish community has been in old East Denver, Capitol Hill, and along West Colfax and has left behind former synagogues. Many of the buildings are still standing. Their history, color, traditions, and uneven legacy will be the subject of this talk by the city’s leading historian.

In partnership with Hebrew Educational Alliance. Please RSVP to the left.

Denver’s Streetcar Suburbs
August 13 | 2:00 pm | Zoom Link

Tom “Dr. Colorado” Noel is the author or co-author of 53 books and a former Sunday columnist for The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News. In his “Streetcar Suburbs” presentation, he explains how Denver developed into the city it is today. With early booms, there were no elevators or steel skeleton sky rises. Unable to grow up, Denver grew out along streetcar tracks where new suburbs popped up on the prairie. Tom will take you on the streetcar ride of suburbs from Auraria to Park Hill with stops in Capitol Hill, South Denver, Highlands, Globeville, Montclair and other towns now annexed to Denver.

In partnership with Temple Sinai. Please RSVP to the left.

Laughing Yoga
August 19 | 11:00 am | Zoom Link

This complicated world of ours requires us to connect with each other in an authentic way. Julie Plaut Warwick’s programs addresses this exact need. You will connect with yourself and then to the people around you, at work, at play and increasingly online. Laughter Yoga combines Yogic breathing, unconditional laughter and meditation techniques as tools for connection to yourself and others. You learn how to de-stress and bring about an inner peace and calm. Julie is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and founder of Connecting the Peaces.

In partnership with Denver & LEA Hadassah. Please RSVP to the left.

Brain Food
August 25 | 11:00 am | Zoom Link

How do you supercharge your mind and boost your mood? Come and learn how nutrition provides all of the ingredients your brain needs to function at its best in this Brain Food Class. We’ll talk about what to eat and what to avoid to enhance your mind and mood without the use of chemicals.

In partnership with BMH-BJ. Please RSVP to the left.