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August Programs

  • Religion Series: Islam – Key Beliefs and Practices

    Thursday, August 5 at 12:00 pm MDT via Zoom

    This presentation offers an overview of the key beliefs and practices of Islam, with a focus on its connection to Judaism and Christianity. It includes a discussion of Islam’s scriptures (the Qur’an and hadith) and how Muslims interpret them today.

    Presented by: Erica Ferg, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Religious Studies Department, Regis University.

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    In partnership with B’nai Havurah.

    The Religion Series continues through December. Click here to see upcoming topics.

  • Technology Series: Cloud Storage

    Monday, August 9 at 11:00 am MDT via Zoom

    In this lecture, you’ll learn the basics of cloud storage — a technology that lets you store documents, images, and other media files remotely while giving you greater accessibility, reliability, and protection for your important data. We’ll discuss what it is, why it’s the future of data storage, and demonstrate a few of the most popular services currently available to consumers.

    In partnership with the JCC Denver. Presented by Senior Planet Colorado.

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    This technology series continues all year long on the second Monday of each month at 11:00 a.m. Click here to see what is coming up in the series.

  • A History of the JCC Presented by Phil Goodstein

    Tuesday, August 10 at 11:00 am MDT via Zoom

    No sooner had a Jewish community emerged in Denver by the early 1870s than there was a push for a Jewish community center. It took different forms for decades, including a West Colfax settlement house, a program at Rude Park, and another at West 16th Avenue and Irving Street. The Progress Club, the forerunner of Green Gables Country Club, formed the shell of an East Side community center. Not until after World War II did the Jewish Community Center properly emerge. This talk will include why the JCC moved to a hill previously used to excavate sand and gravel in 1962 and the evolution of the Community Center into the 21st century.

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    In partnership with JCC Denver and Hebrew Educational Alliance.

  • A Klezmer Journey with the Klez Dispensers

    Tuesday, August 17 at 11:00 am MDT at BMH-BJ

    Go on a musical journey from the 19th century shtetls of eastern Europe to the shores of early 20th century America, and on through the klezmer revival that has been going strong for the past 50 years.

    Featuring Ben Cohen on accordion, Annie Aqua on violin & Miriam Rosenblum on clarinet.

    BMH-BJ | 560 S. Monaco Pkwy., Denver
    Click here for directions.

    In partnership with BMH-BJ.

  • Introverts

    Thursday, August 19 at 1:00 pm MDT via Zoom

    Introversion and extraversion may be two of the most misunderstood concepts in psychology. When we think of introversion and extraversion we think of shyness and sociability. But is this really what these concepts represent? We’ll explore some historical background on how introversion and extraversion were originally conceptualized, and what these definitions can tell us about how we navigate our social worlds. At the same time, when we think of introversion and extraversion, we think that extraversion is largely preferred in our current society. But is this really true? We’ll continue by discussing the hidden powers of introverts. Finally, when we think of introversion and extraversion, we think we are either one or the other, but not both. But do these attributes exist simultaneously and do they depend on the specific context? We’ll conclude by discussing how some people might be both introverted and extraverted, and that our experience of introversion might depend on the specific situation we are in.
    Anton Gollwitzer is a social psychologist and researcher at the Automaticity in Cognition, Motivation, and Emotion Laboratory at Yale University.

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    In partnership with Temple Emanuel.

  • The Ten Restaurants That Changed America

    Wednesday, August 25 at 12:00 pm MDT via Zoom

    Paul Freedman is a professor of history at Yale University where he has taught since 1997. His talk “Ten Restaurants that Changed America” is based on a book with that title that looks at the history of American food and cuisine through restaurants that are the basis for how we eat today and exemplify different trends and fashions beginning with the first real restaurant in the United States, Delmonico’s in New York City (founded in the 1830s). This is not a list of the most famous or elegant establishments but rather of those that were most influential. It includes ethnic restaurants (“The Mandarin” in San Francisco; “Mamma Leone’s in New York”), French haute cuisine (“Le Pavillon”) and also the pioneer in roadside franchise operations, “Howard Johnson’s. The aim is to answer the question “what is American cuisine” through these examples.

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    In partnership with Temple Sinai.

  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Eating Across Generations

    Thursday, August 26 at 1:00 pm MDT via Zoom

    Our tradition teaches l’dor v’dor, from generation to generation. But it’s not always the best practices that make it from one generation to the next. While in some ways food systems have gotten much better, in other ways, they’ve worsened. Author Jonathan Safran Foer writes, “We don’t need to reinvent food but to uninvent it. The future of farming and eating needs to resemble the past.” Together, we’ll learn about the changes in our food system over the last few generations, how we’ve experienced its evolution in our own lifetimes, and explore how we can make choices that create a healthier and more sustainable food system and planet for everyone.

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    In partnership with BMH-BJ,