The Three Important “C”s of Assisted Living

Older adults who are not aware of their changing physical, social or emotional needs may be resistant to receiving outside support, especially if a move to Assisted Living is their best option.

One way to break down this resistance is to highlight the benefits of Assisted Living, which far outweigh any perceived sacrifices. Individuals residing in Assisted Living communities actually live more independently because they are less burdened with activities of daily living (getting dressed, bathed, cooking meals) and can focus on things they enjoy doing.

In particular, Assisted Living maximizes these three “C”s, especially at Kavod Senior Life: 

  • Choice –loved ones have choices of meals, activities and social gatherings to create a life that suits their preferences and temperament
  • Compassion – staff are hired for both their abilities and their “heart”, so to speak, so that they form special relationships and bonds with residents.
  • Care – individuals in Assisted Living receive a care plan when they move in based on a careful assessment of their needs to promote optimal health, safety and emotional well-being.

In addition, residents receive these supportive, specific benefits:

  • Three meals a day (no preparation or dishwashing required!).
  • Assistance keeping track of medications.
  • Laundry and housekeeping.
  • Socialization with other residents, who – like those at Kavod – come from a variety of interesting backgrounds and professions.
  • Activities and outings such as restaurant visits, concerts, theater, mountain trips, and much more – all for no extra cost!
  • In addition, Kavod offers on site health services including a geriatric clinic, podiatry, foot clinics, dentistry, physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, blood pressure clinics, health education and more.

Explaining these positive aspects to a loved one can create a vision for a new life, especially if they are struggling to live safely at home. The goal, again, is to show that they will be gaining independence, not losing it. Residents at Kavod use words like “home”, “safety”, “family” and “friends” when speaking about being in Assisted Living. It is a wonderful way for older individuals to age well while avoiding a move to a costly nursing home. Moreover – at Kavod Senior Life, basic pricing is less than $50,000 a year, with a beautiful Cherry Creek location that cannot be beat.

If your loved one fits the category of someone who needs to move and is hesitant, please share these tips. Once they see the life that is possible, call us for a no-obligation tour or more information at 303.399.1146.

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