How to Make Quicker, Easier Decisions

Have you ever stood in the grocery aisle trying to decide which cereal, soup or cookie to put in your cart? Alternatively, have you felt stuck trying to choose a film to watch or purchase something online?

You may be experiencing what experts call “choice overload.” This syndrome can hinder your decision-making skills and even provoke anxiety, feelings of helplessness and fatigue. According to an article written by Nathan Paulus, choice overload or over-choice is the “unfavorable effect of having too many alternatives.” (1)

Research gives credence to this theory. In 2000, a study by Iyengar & Lepper presented some shoppers with six simple choices of jam and others with 24 more extravagantly displayed ones. The shoppers with only six choices were more easily able to make a decision and final purchase.

Battling choice overload is something we all have to face, at least in certain areas. Fortunately, there are ways to help manage it. Consider these tips:

  • Shopping: Write down a list of items you need and stick to your list.
  • New product inquiries:  identify your top requirements (e.g., color, speed, availability) and limit yourself to 2 -3 brands that align with those priorities.
  • To dos: create a manageable schedule for tasks and follow it; you can even add them to your calendar with days in between. Our past blog has more information on this topic!
  • Bills: Depending on your income flow, automate them or pay the day they arrive

Along with these practical steps, you can improve your socio-emotional strength by:

  • Making important decisions when you feel most rested
  • Avoiding extreme hunger when purchasing food
  • Giving yourself permission to ask for help from shopkeepers or family members
  • Having confidence –once you make a choice, don’t second guess yourself

At Kavod Senior Life, we aim to provide balanced choices to promote a comfortable way of life. Our dining selections are varied, but simple. Our trips and activities are timed so they don’t compete with each other.  Many services, clinics and health options are offered multiple days, or have providers that can work with your schedule, such as our onsite rehab, salon services, mental health counseling, and more. We have four care coordinators on staff who can help assist with resources and advice.

In Assisted Living, decisions become even easier with set meal times and help with all activities such as bathing, grooming, laundry, medications, wellness checks and so much more. For more information about Assisted Living, contact Melanie at or check out website

Next time you feel overwhelmed by choice overload, take a deep breath, try to remember these tips, and know you possess all the skills you need to make great decisions and move forward. Living at Kavod may help, so contact us information, a tour or a friendly face to say hello.











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