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The Spiritual Significance of Kavod’s 50th Anniversary

By Kavod Senior Life Chaplain, Rabbi Stephen Booth-Nadav In Torah, the 50th year is very meaningful. In Leviticus 25, it says: “You shall count off seven weeks of years – seven times seven years…and you shall hallow the fiftieth year. You shall proclaim release (freedom/liberty) throughout the land for all its… Read More »

Kavod Welcomes Christy Martinez to Assisted Living!

After 14 years, Kavod’s Assisted Living program has a new Director, Christy Martinez. Christy joined the Assisted Living team in May of this year, and couldn’t be happier to be part of the community. We caught up with her recently to learn more about her background, perspective and goals.  Christy… Read More »

Older Americans Month Theme: Communities of Strength

Let’s change our language to reflect the Older Americans Month 2021 theme of Communities of Strength. At Kavod Senior Life, we’re excited to be part of the movement to help end ageism in our community and our nation. This month is a great time to promote inclusivity among people of… Read More »